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Dear Truth Seeker,

Your life is a reflection of the energy and beliefs you are holding deep inside. This energy produces a vibration which then creates situations and opportunities in your life. To make changes "that stick" you must make changes at this core level of energy. Most people never move forward because they have not gone deep enough.

Have you tried?

  • The Law of Attraction

  • Manifesting

  • Visualization

  • Goal Setting

  • Affirmations

  • Positive Thinking

I tried all these different techniques, and more, making very little progress. There were some small changes but I just could not seem to break through. Then I discovered a process that went much deeper. This process took me deep into my feelings at a core energy (Chakra level). 

As I began to identify my blocks and clear energy at this level my life began to change for the better. The changes were subtle at first. The big difference this time was my momentum and progress. Instead of experiencing a temporary high and then falling back I was making steady progress. My new Change Your Energy Change Your Life program will guide your through this powerful energy clearing process and more.

Stacy Francis, Francis Financial

 "My Attraction Level
Was Raised"

"From my first interaction with Joe's work, my practice started to change. It was as if my attraction level was raised just by listening to him. I am attracting more of my ideal clients now and more than that, I'm getting more and more clear on how to market myself. Even more, Joe armed me with the emotional support and technical tools necessary to identify my goals and make them a reality. I am creating a totally new company that is much more focused, effective and productive. Thank you Joe!"

You Must See Yourself as the Creator

One of the most important aspects of this work is how you see yourself. Most people live in the energy of a victim. They believe life is happening to them. When something, they perceive as negative, happens they move into blaming others or justifying. When this happens you give away all of your power and become a weak victim.

Now you will see yourself in an entirely new way. As the creator of your life you accept the fact that you are creating exceptions! If you win the lottery, you created it. If you lose your job, you created it. This is very difficult for many people to accept.

Why Would You Create Something Negative
in Your Life?

It does not make logical sense to create something negative in your life. You are not creating based on are creating based on how you feel and what you believe. There are distinct benefits and powerful opportunities in every, so called, negative experience. Knowing how to identify these benefits and opportunities is a key to moving forward. As you move out of victim energy you will become empowered and have the ability to create what you desire.

Awareness: The Big Trap

Making changes in your life requires you to elevate your awareness level. This is also a place where many people become stuck and then trapped. Once you know something your negative ego jumps in all tells you, "this is all you need." On a conscious level you believe; once you are aware of something you can then control it.

I worked with a gentleman a few years back. He was having a number of issues with his wife. Many of his problems were related to his strong desire to manipulate situations in the marriage. He became aware of this as we worked together. Then he said these dreaded words, "Joe, I have this under control." He believed that by identifying his issue he could control it. This is the big trap. A few months later he was in the middle of a painful divorce.

So What Comes After Awareness?

You have to go deeper and feel the feelings that are creating the energy. Awareness places the issue on your radar screen. To make changes you have to clear the feelings and emotions creating the problem in the first place. This program will guide you though the process of feeling your emotions and clearing your negative energy now.

Dr. Joe Vitale, Author of the "Attractor Factor" and many
other titles

"Joe Shows You How to Make Internal Changes that Impact Your Outside World"

"Joe goes way beyond basic techniques and simple how to formulas. He shows you how to make internal changes that will impact your outside world. For my money, this is the best program out there for people who truly want to breakthrough to the next level and beyond."

What is a Breakthrough?

A breakthrough, in metaphysical terms, is an expansion of energy. You have already experienced this phenomenon in your life many times. Some of the changes are dramatic while others are subtle. Many people believe these, so called, breakthroughs just happen. That is absolutely not true for you or anyone else.

Every time you expanded you experienced a shift in your energy. The problem is, most of us do not know how it happened. It is for this reason you are unable to duplicate the experience.

What if I told you it is possible to create your breakthroughs on demand! This does not mean it will happen in an instant. Each breakthrough carriers it's own energy and timeline. The timeline is directly related to the depth of the emotional issue that is holding you back. Another key is your willingness to let go of certain feelings and beliefs. You may know you want to break free in your mind. To be successful you must let go emotionally. 

Will This Work for You?

Most people say they want to change. In reality, they want to things to stay exactly the same.

I know what you are thinking...How can that be possible!

Let's examine the facts for a moment. According to recent studies by CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) they estimate:

-25% of the United States population is obese
-The United Kingdom is slightly lower at a 20% obesity rate
(These people are more than 30 pounds overweight)

As you know many of these people really tried to lose weight and failed. People are spending more than $61 billion per year to lose weight in the US alone. They were willing to invest their time and money to lose the weight.

Why are more than 98% of these people failing to lose the weight?

This was not due to a lack of desire or laziness, as many would like to believe. These people failed because they were unable to identify the true cause of the issue. Without this recognition it is not possible to create the desired result in any area of your life.

This example is related to weight loss but it can be extended to any area of your life.

-The divorce rate is over 50%
-80% of people surveyed are dissatisfied with their jobs
-Adult use of antidepressants almost tripled between the periods 1988-1994

As you can see this is moving across all areas.

Formula for Failure:
Conscious Action Based on Conventional Beliefs

You will take a different approach using my process. You will uncover the cause of your block, deal with the specific issue and dissolve the energy at that level. This is a much deeper and lasting approach. It requires a higher level of commitment and time but is ultimately much more effective.

Once you understand this process it can be applied to any area of your life:

  • Your Relationships

  • Your Finances

  • Your Career

  • Your Health

  • Your Friendships

Everything is based on energy so making changes in any area is exactly the same. All you have to do is shift your energy. This creates a different vibration and new outcome in your life.

The Power of a New Perspective

We all have a tendency to get caught up in what we are doing. In many cases you begin to work in a vacuum. When this happens you become to close to your own work and issues. This causes you to lose objectivity and miss opportunities that are right in front of you.

I recently helped a client uncover a hidden revenue source that generated an instant 15% increase in sales with no additional effort.

One of my associates helped me make an adjustment to one of my websites that helped me leverage an existing program. This created an additional 30% in revenue in two weeks.

A workshop attendee just emailed and said, "As a result of our meeting I have now found my true purpose and passion." She explained how it was right there but she just wasn't seeing it until we met.

You will also gain a much deeper perspective into your unconscious blocks. Most people are a slight adjustment away from a major breakthrough. We all require help from others to reach our highest levels of success and happiness.

Just imagine how...

1 Idea

1 Concept

1 Eye Opening Thought

1 all it takes to         create a giant leap forward!

I am looking forward to hearing your success story with my new "Change Your Energy Change Your Life Program." You will see your own behavior and the outside world in an entirely new way. It will be like seeing everything for the first time.

My Objective is to help you...

  • Elevate Your Awareness Level

  • Identify the Subconscious Blocks that are Holding You Back

  • Feel Your Feelings in Much Deeper Way

  • Move You to a Higher Level of Confidence and Self-love

  • Tap into Your Internal Power, Wisdom and more!

This is your opportunity to uncover your blocks and discover a process you can use for the rest of your life.

This Life-changing Program Includes:

2 Audio Downloads:

CD 1: The Power of Your Energy

1-Understanding Your Energy and Chakras
2-Why You Block Yourself
3-Why Many Traditional Methods Do Not Work
4-Moving Out of Your Mind and Into Your Feelings
5-How to Identify Your True Feelings
6-Becoming the Creator of Your Life
7-Stepping Into Your Power

CD-2: Energy Clearing Meditations

1-Preparing to Meditate
2-Meditation 1: Clearing Your Daily Energy
3-Meditation 2: Cleaning Out the Basement
4-Meditation 3: Asking for Help
5-Recovery After Energy Clearing

Plus these Bonuses

Powerful eBook

Cash-flow is critical to your business and personal life. This informative eBook gives you ready to use strategies and techniques to help increase your cash-flow right now. These easy to use strategies can be applied immediately and little or no cost.

How to Create Opportunities
in the New Economy Audio


Why the economy shifted from a spiritual energy perspective and how you can uncover many new opportunities. Plus how our energy moves through cycles and more. 

Receive the
Change Your Energy
Change Your Life
Plus Bonuses Now a
$199 Value

Audio CDs, mp3 Audio Files
plus Bonuses

Only $29.95

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Enjoy this exciting new program and make incredible positive changes in your life. I can't wait to hear your success story.

With gratitude,

Joe Nunziata

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"Miracles would be 
   putting it mildly!"

"I haven’t talked to you for quite a few months and just wanted to let you know what’s been happening. Miracles would be putting it mildly!

I have been putting into practice what I’ve learnt through No More Mental Barriers and Spiritual Selling.  I have found a sense of freedom I’ve not known before. I no longer feel like the “victim” of life. The past is in the past most of the time. (Finally)  I do my best to live in the moment and when I am feeling fear or what ever negative I know I have the control to change it! Feel it, acknowledge it, and move on.

The lesson I need to learn or the block I feel surfaces so much quicker, as long as I don’t resist. What a difference from before. ( Full of fear, self pity and all the rest of the garbage.) I defiantly have a long way to go but that’s okay too! Peace is present a lot more than I’ve ever felt before. I have a lot of fun with the ‘ah ha’ moments, when I have a break threw with something, or recognize an old habit etc. Its really exhilarating instead of scary like in the past. Have to admit, the future still has fear related issues, (fear of the unknown mostly) but not letting it stop me. If its strong I do baby steps and it passes.

Just wanted to thank you for your courses and your help."

Thanks again,
And God Bless You
Sandy Campbell, Canada

"I Am About to Sign a $40,000,000 Deal"

"Hi! I was one of the people signed up for your workshop. I guess it worked because my husband and I are just about to sign a $40,000,000 deal and it was this deal that I wanted to remove the mental barriers surrounding.
It's interesting because I only had time to do the first four parts but they really moved something in me. I intend to do the rest when I have more time.

Just wanted to let you know how much your program helped."
BT, California


"This is Exactly What I Needed"

“The concept of shifting my mentality and allowing myself to be open to the infinite abundance was very empowering. This is exactly what I needed to move forward."
Summer Robbins,
New York

"Attracting Business
Becomes Natural"

"I am so lucky I was introduced to Joe. He is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to the business world. He teaches you to think in a whole different way so that attracting business becomes a natural part of who you are instead of the painful process that I used to think of as sales. Joe is one of the most energetic, generous, well connected people I have met in all my years as a business owner. His ideas and guidance is the path to growth that I have so desperately needed and never thought our company could achieve. Joe has been both an instructor at our institute as well as a consultant for our company and remains one of the most valuable connections I have made to date." 
Lisa Clampitt
Executive Director and
the Matchmaking Institute

"Change from the Inside Out"

“I learned the power of making mental/emotional shifts and changing my energy. The only way to go forward is to change from the inside out.”
Robin Potter, Pennsylvania

"Joe's Program Far Exceeded My Expectations"

"Joe is masterful with his work, he helped change my life. He inspired me to see a different perspective about myself, life, and everyone I come in contact with. His program far exceeded my expectations, it is priceless. Thank you Joe for doing what you do. Because of your work I now understand what being "conscious" in life is all about."
Elaine Blue, Los Angeles

"You Make a Big Difference in My Life"

"Thank you VERY much for helping me along the path to being financially secure and extremely prosperous. Your ideas are right on the money! There is so much I can say, but I must say Thank you very much! May God bless you richly for helping those who are trying to help themselves."
Roxanne Simone Lord, New York